Frequently Asked Questions of Community Living Dryden-Sioux Lookout

1.How do I access services? 

Developmental Services Ontario is the application and eligibility entity for all ministry funded developmental services. Developmental Services Ontario helps adults with developmental disabilities connect to services and supports in their communities. You can find more information at the Developmental Services website by clicking here

2.  Do you offer Fee for Service?

Yes we do. Community Living Dryden-Sioux Lookout offers a variety of service options that are available to the general public through fee-for-service. Costs vary based on activities, duration and individual support needs. If you have passport dollars or personal funds to purchase services or PCP (Person Centred Plan) Development contact one of our Managers of Service.

3.  What if a person and or family member has a complaint about agency services?

Community Living Dryden-Sioux Lookout will staff strive to resolve a concern or complaint as quickly as possible. A person who has a complaint should communicate their concern to the supervisor of the particular program. If they are not satisfied, the person may discuss the complaint with the Director of Services. The Director will assist further to resolve the complaint. If unresolved you may complain to the Executive Director and if that is not satisfactory to the Board of Directors. A person who receives support and has a complaint is encouraged to have the support of an advocate of his or her choice throughout the resolution process. You need to feel comfortable to express your concern and know that Community Living Dryden-Sioux Lookout will not retaliate in anyway or withdraw services because of a complaint. The following documents provide more information in this area: